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Welcome to the e-learning "The 2010 revisions of the McDonald criteria".

The McDonald criteria describe the steps to take to diagnose Multiple Sclerosis in different situations.

This e-learning will lead you through the criteria using several cases. By examining the cases you will be trained in using the McDonald criteria in the appropriate way in all possible situations. Each of the Cases describes an unique scenario such as Primary Progressive MS, a patient without MS etc etc. You're advised to run through the cases without further information by choosing a case from the menu above. (If you want to jump to a specific scenario make your choice here).

The background and theory behind the McDonald criteria will not be discussed during the cases. However, you can approach the theory you want by choosing the desired subject from the menu on the left. In this menu you will find a listing of all abbreviations used in this e-learning.

If you can not find the desired lesion in the scan you can choose the Escape button in the menu left to bypass the page.